Alex Blogg - Filmmaker


Hi I'm Alex

I Direct, Shoot and Edit for my production company New Leaf.  I also produce documentaries as Recording Earth.  This website is a collection of my personal work and other projects.

My own kit includes a Sony FS7, as well as a smaller Panasonic GH5 as well as a whole host of lenses, lights and audio equipment. 

Alex Blogg Filmmaker Bristol

How did I get here?

In 2011 I graduated with a first in Digital Media and Technologies from The University of Bradford. This is where I cut my teeth learning all the technical skills around software, equipment and the media landscape in general.

My aim back then was to be a multi-tool of media production, and before I graduated I was designing and coding websites freelance and completed my first video commission for BBC Radio 4 promoting their writers bursary award.

After graduating I was a multimedia producer for global market research agency GfK, producing videos for the UK office and globally. Market research deals with a lot of numbers, which really suited animated motion graphics to bring things to life. I got really good at animating numbers and stats in exciting ways. They also deal a lot with people, and this is where I first got my taste for documentary work, filming interviews and 'in-home ethnography'. After 3 years I learnt how to run some quite large productions for GfK, how to work with teams, multiple stakeholders and to a deadline.

In 2014 I went freelance in video production, quickly finding myself in the fast-paced tech startup scene around Silicon Roundabout creating video for Microsoft Ventures Accelerator covering their startup program and events. Notably producing a 15min documentary about indie game company Gateway Interactive which premiered on XBOX dashboards around the world.

Working with USAID and In Tune For Life In 2015 I directed a 30min drama in Malawi which included medical information for HIV+ patients. The film was called Chiyembekezo, which means 'Hope' in chewa, and followed the story of Alinafe, a newly pregnant mother who discovers she has HIV. 

Designed specifically for patients in Malawi, the film underwent pilot testing to see how effective it would be at helping patients. The results that came back I have been very proud of. 

Participants discussed that they would have felt more empowered to disclose their status if they had watched the film straight after testing.
Ministry of Health counsellors felt that the film would improve their pre-ART sessions, as it is a refreshingly new way of delivering information that would capture the patient’s attention.