We have an office at Plexal, in Stratford, East London. It's a technology focuses hub that houses startups and freelancers in what used to be the media center for the London Olympics.

When Plexal told us that Brain Cox would be around for a Science event and asked if we could film him we were of course quite excited. Brian's science shows are fantastic and his radio show/podcast 'Infinate Monkey Cage' is a favorite of mine.

Plexal has this huge wall that is made of essentially 'pigeon holes', hundreds of boxes that they are slowly filling. This is their Wall of Inspiration. The concept is people leave an object in the wall that inpspires them. A fun idea, it's interesting how our passions and stories can embed themselves into objects.

Brian was great to work with, even in our short time that we had with him he was able to speak fluidly and naturally on any question I chucked at him. He was even game to put his book up on a high box so that we could use the nice yellow step ladder in the video.

I wasn't surprised to hear that his inspirational object was a book by Carl Sagan, another great cosmologist and natural optemist who inspired a generation.